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our customer is our core

If you have received a letter from us or if you wish to have credit for your project, you are in the right place, the space dedicated to you!

We want to help you solve your debt by listening to your needs and possibilities. The repayment of the debt, with an installment plan or in a one solution, if built in accordance with your needs and your commitments is possible. For this reason, our consultants are available for personal contact. The correct assessment of the overall situation will allow you to plan and build with us the repayment of the debt that best suits your needs.

We are also here to jointly analyze the available financial products and understand together what suits your needs, you are interested in a request for funding. We finance your projects and increase your opportunities. Our consultants are at your disposal for an initial telephone contact during which we can introduce you to the available financial products

Financing Requests

* Salary Secured Loan
* Payment Delegacy
* Personal Loan
* Loan Assignment TFS

The salary transfer and the payment delegation are loans designed for employees. These are fixed-rate loans, which are repaid in monthly instalments directly deducted by the employer from the paycheck. The maximum amount of the instalment is (for the Assignment of the Fifth) one fifth of the salary until the end of the amortization plan. The duration of the amortization plan varies between 24 and 120 months, thus allowing access to particularly large sums.

The Personal Loan is a constant instalment loan belonging to the Consumer Credit category. It is a financing which has no purpose and therefore there is no need to justify its request. The main advantage is the simplicity of the procedure and the speed of the delivery times. These features have made the Personal Loan the financing idea to meet sudden liquidity needs. The amounts that can be accessed range from € 3,000 to a maximum of € 30,000. The duration is between 24 and 120 months. The monthly instalments are paid by RID.

The TFS Transfer Loan is the form of financing dedicated to civil servants and state employees who are about to retire or who have had access to retirement. This type of loan allows you to take possession in a single solution of an amount that can reach 95% of the value of the TFS accrued with the Pension Authority. The duration of the loan is variable and closely linked to the expiry dates of the TFS liquidation plan with a minimum duration of 12 months.
For more information call us at 800. 153. 153 or visit our website mcelocam.it

Debt Solution

Did you get a letter from us? Our consultants are at your disposal to find the solution that best suits your needs. You’ll be able to honour your commitments. Contact us at 06.3974.3974 or consult the website dedicated to personalised consultancy.

Services to banks and third parties

Analysis and management perspectives

Our experience in evaluation and our ability to project are the solid foundations of our work.

The Due Diligence process is the first phase of the process and as such a delicate moment whose value is fundamental and conditioning. For this reason we propose ourselves as a reference for the activity.


Administrative Credit Management

We offer you the Administrative Credit Management service through the continuous updating of interest rates, monitoring of prescriptions, screening activities and commercial information.

Judicial Credit Management

The competence and experience gained allow us to make the most appropriate assessments of opportunities with the aim of hinge only the actions positively evaluated in economic terms with the use of an internal legal team able to manage each phase and grade of the activity.

Extrajudicial Credit Management

The rigour of the processes and the attention paid to monitoring allow us to work towards the best recovery in the shortest possible time through a professional, efficient and monitored Call Centre, operating throughout the country.

Due Diligence Activities

Understanding the potential of an NPL portfolio with a carefully evaluated degree of approximation is the initial phase and starting point of an adequate assessment process. Adequate and competent assessment of the opportunities will allow the best possible development of the information enrichment and segmentation phase of the assets. MCE Locam also offers the Due Diligence service to third parties.
For further information: marketing@mcelocam.com

Our Services

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