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MCE Locam S.p.A. begane of a rectruturing plan by Mediocredito Europeo S. p. A. , started by the Management in 2017 and completed in October 2018 with the transfer of the business unit from Locam S. p. A. to MCE.
The SEER Capital Management LP investment fund, already reference shareholder of both companies, has confirmed its support for the newborn reality and implicitly its interest in the potentialities of the Italian market.

Locam SpA is born

The Company was founded in December 2002 by the American fund “The Baupost Group” in order to manage the investment opportunities in Italy and Europe.


In December, China inaugurated its first high-speed railway. Trains will reach 430 km/h in the 30 km.


In April, the Treaty of Athens was signed,. The 25 countries which constitute the European Union,ratified the enlargement of the Union to include 10 new countries.

Bank of Italy authorizations

In April 2003 Locam was authorised by the Bank of Italy to operate as a Finance Company.

Acquisition by GFKL Financial Services AG

Locam is acquired in April 2008 by the largest NPL management company in the German market GFKL Financial Services AG.


It is April when the new world record for static freediving is set with a time of 16 minutes and 4 seconds. The record is the German Tom Sietas.


The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to the European Union.

Integration of Ktesios

 In January 2012, Mediocredito Europeo acquired the business unit of Ktesios SpA, a leading company in the Italian consumer financing market.

Entry by Seer Capital

Locam is acquired in November 2013 by Seer Capital Management LP


In November the MotoGP World Championship ends with the victory of Marc Márquez who becomes the youngest winner of this title at the age of 20.


In November Samantha Cristoforetti is the first Italian woman astronaut to make a space journey. 


Seer Capital joins Mediocredito Europeo

The entry of Seer capital into Mediocredito Europeo takes place in November 2014.

New Governance and Registration Register 106

In April 2017, Seer Capital became the majority shareholder of 99% of Mediocredito Europeo and the following month the Company entered the Register of Non- Bank Financial Intermediaries pursuant to ex art. 106 of Legislative Decree 385/1993, no. 152.

April - May 2017

In May, the 43rd G7 summit is held in Taormina, Italy.


NASA announces the discovery of seven new planets that orbit in another solar system but are completely similar to the earth.


MCE Locam is born

The Bank of Italy authorises the merger between Mediocredito Europeo and Locam.