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Standstill: definitions and insights

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Progetto Focus, Rubrica

In this second appointment of our page, today’s focus is the English word Stanstill. We propose to follow a definition, areas of use and synthetic etymology.


This term refers to a suspension agreement between several parties. The agreement is useful in delaying actions that could not take place. In general terms, this agreement is useful for gaining more time. The aim is to achieve a goal.



Sometimes an agreement involves a financier (bank or finance company) and a financed, the term is “Standstill“;. In this case, the “suspension agreement” refers to the choice not to take legal action to recover a claim. This happens for a period of time that is defined by the agreement itself. In this way, the person in difficulty will have more time to deal with the debt. The lender will try not to jeopardise even partial recovery of the loan.
Not only the financial and banking environment but also the diplomatic one uses the term Standstill. In fact, we speak of Standstill when in the context of diplomatic relations between two States, it is decided to crystallize a legal situation at a precise historical moment mutually agreed.



A final reflection on the etymology of the word. Standstill in English comes from two terms that bring us back to the idea of suspension but also of calm as a state of mind useful for dealing with complex situations (cit. www.treccani.it [comp. di stand [. . . ] cessation of movement”; and still “calm”).
With this in-depth article on the term Standstill we want to proceed with the second appointment of our project made of collection of concepts and definitions fundamental to our business with the indication of authoritative sources. We cannot aim for exhaustiveness, but we would like to declare ourselves open to dialogue and to the stimuli that you wish to offer us in order to always have new topics to deal with. Write to us to suggest topics for the address book at Marketing.